Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend wrap

I went into this sports weekend with high hopes for my home teams. The Tribe returned home on Friday night after their early season West coast swing. And the Cavaliers were in Chicago to try to lock down home court advantage in the first round, and beat a bad Bulls team they've had trouble with all year.

I was in attendance at The Prog for the Tribe game, hoping to see CC Sabathia break out of his early season funk. Instead, my wife and I were forced to sit in the cold wind (and it was cold, despite what the weather reports told us prior to the game) and watch Sabathia stink it up again. We NEVER (I repeat, NEVER) leave games early, no matter what the circumstances. But Friday night at The Prog was different. Down 9-1 in the 6th and facing severe weather coming in from the West we actually left the game. Of course without us in attendance the Tribe rallied to make it 9-7 with two men on in the 8th, but the rally eventually stalled out.

To make matters worse, I at least wanted to catch some of the Cavs game on the way home. Thankfully my buddy Nick texted me the following, so I knew my Friday sports night was a total loss:
"Cavs down 17
15-0 run
That pretty much summed things up perfectly.

Saturday then showcased a wild Fausto Carmona, setting a career high for walks in a game for him. That made us 0-for-2 at home against a rebuilding A's club. Thankfully on Sunday the Tribe offense woke up a bit and took the finale, 7-1. That was the good win on Sunday. The bad win (and yes, there is such a thing) was what the Cavaliers came up with against the pathetic Miami Heat and its roster full of NBDLers. Mind you, the Cavs still have not locked up the 4th seed in the East. They had a lot to play for at home against a bad team. Yet they somehow still looked pathetic, actually going into the fourth quarter trailing a 13-win team. They squeezed out a 84-76 win and their magic number now stands at one to lock up home court in the first round (of course Mike Brown refused to play Damon Jones for the 5th straight game). The problem is that they have two games left @ Philly and home vs. Detroit. I'm begging you Cavaliers, just get this over with tonight...

One saving grace from Friday night's debacle - our new mezzanine seats are great

AL Central Update: The Tigers are now 2-10 after another shutout loss to the White Sox. This is the fourth time they have been shutout in just 12 games and they are now -45 in runs on the season. Even with the Tribe's crappy start we are a 3 games up on them. Perhaps we can bury them early this year with a 2-game sweep Wednesday and Thursday at The Pro/Prog?

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