Monday, April 14, 2008

One to remember, one to definitely forget

In the first game tonight - a game the Cavaliers absolutely needed in order to secure home court in the first round - there was a very bizarre ending. They took an 8-point lead going into the 4th quarter and in true 2008 Cavalier fashion, wasted it away in a matter of minutes. So the final quarter ended up being a dog fight, with some guy on Philly named Lou Williams making some incredible shots. He hit one with 5.1 seconds left to give the Sixers a one-point lead.

So after Philly took their final foul to give, the ball was in LeBron's hands with 4.1 seconds left. He drove hard into the lane, seemed to get fouled (of course no whistle), the ball was tipped by Samuel Dalembert and fell right into Devin Brown's hands. Then Dalembert steamrolled into Brown as he put up a shot that missed and the final horn sounded. Confetti dropped from the rafters and the Sixers ran into the locker room. I sat there mystified, wondering how no foul was called. I even ran the play back over and over on my DVR and noticed that the ref under the basket raised his hand to signal a foul, then waved his arms as if to say no shot.

Of course I was pissed that we blew another game and it would come down to the final game at home on Wednesday against the Pistons to secure home court. Definitely not a fun task the way we've been playing down the stretch. As this was going through my head, I noticed the refs were huddling at the scorer's table, looking at the replay monitor. They actually reviewed it, got the call right, and awarded two shots to Devin with .2 seconds on the clock! I must admit that I incorrectly predicted that Brown would miss both shots. Thankfully he actually drained both of them and locked up home court in the first round. So bring on Arenas, Stevenson, Soulja Boy, etc. etc. It will be fun eliminating those guys for a third straight season.

Home court came down to 2 Devin Brown FT's and LBJ knew he'd drain them

Now onto the Tribe game... this ending was a little more painful. Let's just say that Joe Borowski and Manny Ramirez were prominently involved. There were a lot of fair weather Boston fans who live in Cleveland happy after Manny's 9th inning home run actually landed. I will now go shave my tongue will a dull razor to get rid of the taste of this game. Ugh.


ryan said...

Yea, one to remember because the sixers probably got cheated. And one to forget because it probably just cost the Wizards a real shot at beating the Cavs in the first round. Will the real justice finally be served? Will LeBroom James and the Travaliers be defeated by the Wizards? I'm not so confident that it will happen like some people are.

chiefwahoo56 said...

If you're referring to LeBron as "LeBroom" meaning that he swept the Wiz last year, then I'm cool with that. And the Travaliers? Get over it. He got hacked about 50 times and still made a layup right in Ruffin's grill.