Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's Tribe time now

Hopes are high for our beloved Tribe this year. And I have to say, attending this year's home opener was a little more fun than last year's. See photo comparison:

2007 Opening Day @ Jacobs Field

2008 Opening Day @ Progressive Field

As you can tell from the 2008 photo, we are now playing at "The Prog" or "The Pro" or whatever-the-hell nickname you wanna give it. Also, our seats this year were outstanding. Big thanks to Razzles bar in Olmsted Township. $59 got us those great seats in Section 117, food, beer, transportation to and from the game, and another game ticket in June to top it all off. They do this Opening Day package annually and I highly recommend it. And I much preferred the 60 degree weather and Indians victory this year over the snow and cold game that was eventually postponed last year.

I'd also prefer to see the CC Sabathia that won the Cy Young last year (pre-playoffs of course). The one we saw on Monday looked pretty rough. Hopefully the warm weather out in Oakland this weekend will help him right himself.

The good news is that the Fausto Carmona we saw last night was the great sinkerballer that we saw burst onto the scene last year. The 2-0 start has been nice to see for this team, and coupled with Detroit's 0-2 start (to lowly Kansas City) means that we are on track for a wire-to-wire lead this season in the AL Central!

Speaking of the Armpit of America (a.k.a. Detroit), I was up there for the NCAA tourney games at Ford Field last Friday. I was very happy to see Davidson slap around Wisconsin and all of their arrogant fans. It's fun to root for the underdog, and they almost managed to pull off the huge upset over Kansas... here was the view from our seats at Ford Field - quite a strange place to take in a basketball game:

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