Sunday, April 27, 2008

Game 4 to the Good Guys

Wow, what a Game 4 on Sunday afternoon in Washington D.C. Thankfully the Cavaliers came away with the huge win after LeBron found Delonte West for a corner three with 5.4 seconds left to give the Cavs a 100-97 win. This game had a little bit of everything, including another flagrant foul by the Wizards. This time DeShawn Stevenson took a free swipe at the King's head on a layup attempt. I'm amazed at the way LeBron doesn't flip out and want to kill these knuckleheads. But that play did seem to energize the Cavaliers and propel them to a 10-point lead at halftime.

Overall the Cavs shot only 41% from the field, but the difference today was from three-point land. They shot 46% (13-28) from downtown and made the Wizards pay for continually trying to trap LeBron.

Keys to the game from my viewpoint:

  • The Cavs destroyed the Wizards on the glass (51-31) and really did them in on offensive rebounds (18-6).
  • Three-point shooting was also a huge advantage, with us outscoring them 39-21 from beyond the arc.
  • LeBron's energy and assertiveness on offense was way up compared to Game 3. Tonight he went for 34-12-7. Sounds overrated to you too right?
  • Delonte West was huge for the Cavaliers, giving them 21 points in 38 minutes on the floor.
So now we head home with the series firmly in our grasp 3 games to 1. Let's end this thing on Wednesday night at home and send these clowns on a long summer vacation AGAIN.

Delonte's clinching three had my living room jumping

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