Tuesday, April 29, 2008

They just keep talking

I know at this point I shouldn't be surprised that the Wizards are still talking - but I am. And annoying as it is, I'm actually glad they just can't seem to shut up. Any thoughts of the Cavaliers being unmotivated for Game 5 have gone out the window as Brenda Haywood and Gilbert Arenas keep flapping their gums.

Here are my favorites from Monday:

(Brenda on LeBron) "Awww," Haywood said, in a whiny, high-pitched voice to mock James. "They are trying to hurt me. I mean come on man, this is the playoffs," Haywood said following Monday's practice. "He wears 23, he wants to be Michael Jordan, I can respect that, he's a great player. You saw what Mike went through. Mike got fouled way worse than this. No one is trying to hurt him, everybody is trying to play basketball, trying to play tough. Play basketball and leave it alone."

(Gilbert Arenas on the series) "It's never over until it's over," said Gilbert Arenas, playing with a bone bruise in his knee. "They said there are eight teams that have done it [come back from 3-1]. We are going to be the ninth."
Now I really can't wait for Game 5. Time for these guys to start their summer vacation, courtesy of the Cavaliers. It should be a rowdy crowd down at the Q to welcome these clowns back into town. The only downer is that the geniuses in the league office decided to make this a 6:00 pm start to accommodate the Hawks/Celtics at 8:00 pm. And by the way, nice job by the Celtics last night. I guess those 65 wins during the regular season aren't helping much now. I would love nothing more than for them to lose to the Hawks (a 37-win team), but for selfish reasons I want the Cavaliers to oust them from the postseason.

"If you can't beat 'em, just keep talkin' trash"

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