Friday, April 4, 2008

Tough loss to swallow

Last night's loss to the Bulls was really frustrating to me. Look, I understand that we already basically have the #4 seed wrapped up. And we really don't have a huge incentive to play these games right now. But losing a 17 point third quarter lead at home to the Bulls? The same Bulls who had only won 7 of their previous 20 and hadn't won a road game since Feb. 25? And letting Larry Hughes almost get a triple-double? That I don't get. Apathy and disinterest is no way to go into the playoffs (in my best Dean Wormer voice).

Maybe it's time to bring the Dean in for a pep talk...

...because apparently this doesn't make our players as frustrated as it makes me

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Nicko said...

Just listened to the last Cavaliers podcast and it didn't even seem that Coach Brown was all that upset..