Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Suspension Looming?

The more times I see the replay of that cheapshot from Brenda (not Brendan) Haywood on LBJ, the more I think a Game 3 suspension is in order. This is not because he is some great piece to the puzzle for the Wiz (he's definitely not) and I want him out of their lineup. It's simply because that was a thug tactic. He made absolutely no attempt at the ball, and pushed LeBron when he was at his most vulnerable point in midair. If LBJ doesn't partially get his foot down to soften the landing, we might be talking about a season-ending injury and an early end to this playoff run. Add the fact that LeBron is a superstar and the league has to take action in my opinion. I guess we'll see what happens before Game 3.

And not surprisingly, our good friend Tom Knott from the Washington Times does not agree with me (shocker, I know). I really think this guy is delusional.

Thank the sports gods that LBJ was able to get his foot down before hitting the ground

Also of note, I guess DeShawn "Soulja Boy" Stevenson just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. The latest idiotic quote from him:
Wizards guard DeShawn Stevenson on whether there is a difference between a foul and a ''LeBron foul,'' as James said this week: ''He's going to cry about calls; that's what he do.''
And (drumroll please) here are the stats from Mr. Stevenson in 18 games against the Cavs over the last two years: 39 of 129 from the field (a whopping 22.4%) for 6.9 ppg. But thanks for the extra motivation for Game 3!

Finally, regarding our other team - as painful as it has been over the last few weeks to talk about our beloved Tribe, they are back in action tonight against the Royals. The hefty lefty will get another shot to get his first win of the year and lower his ERA from it's current abysmal number (13.50). Let's hope he can get himself back on track.

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MO said...

Agreed, suspend Haywood. Knott can wax philosophy all he wants about the league "protecting" Lebron, but the bottom line is that Bron Bron is a top-flight player and a big-time draw for the league, while Washington is mainly composed of hacks and has-beens. They can get hot though so CLE needs to keep the focus....Cavs in 5