Thursday, April 10, 2008

One bad and one good...

The bad: Well, Wednesday's Tribe game went pretty much as I expected. I have no statistical evidence to back up this claim, but just going on memory over the last couple years the Tribe has been horrendous in weekday "getaway" games. You know, the last game in a series when one team has to travel to the next city so the game is played during the day? I dread these games because I'm usually forced to listen on the radio and we usually look like dog shit.

The most worrisome thing from this game is how hard Byrd got knocked around again. That's two pretty bad outings in a row now. I guess one good thing to take from this one is that the offense did show some signs of life. And that was with no Victor in the lineup. So it's back home tomorrow night for the start of a three-game series against the A's (again). Also, Friday night will be the first game in our new season tickets in the mezzanine :)

The good: At least the Cavaliers knew that I was getting sick of the double-loss days when the Tribe loses too and decided to finally beat a team they are better than. Honestly, this year you really never know which lousy team they might lose to on a given night. And even though we did end up winning by 21, we were down by 14 at one point in the third quarter. The defense did buckle down in the second half and the offense looked much better. And LeBron was his usual outstanding self. Let's hope his back can hold up for another extended playoff run. I'm sure it didn't feel very good absorbing that flagrant foul from the one and only DeSagana Diop.

This one was important because we maintained our 2-game lead for the #4 spot with just four games left to play.

LBJ took the hard foul from Diop, and the Cavaliers preserved their 2-game lead for home court

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