Saturday, April 19, 2008

One down, 15 to go

To win an NBA title you need to win 16 games. That's a lot of games. I'm just going to take them one at a time this year. That's not to say that I expect us to win a title this year (I honestly don't). But we have LeBron and I guess anything is possible with him. It's been a long strange year for the Cavaliers with the contract situations (Varejao and Pavlovic), all the injuries (basically everyone on the roster), the big trade, the rise of other teams in the East, etc., etc.

But I can't help but think that teams expect us to just roll over in the playoffs. I think many of them are looking past us and forgetting that we have the best player in the league (possibly ever) on our roster. The Wizards called us out and got what they asked for in Game 1 - a beatdown. It wasn't easy by any stretch, but the Cavaliers won the way they usually do. They kept it tight until the fourth, played solid D down the stretch, and executed on offense by relying heavily on LBJ. I say if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it.

LeBron was outstanding today, especially in the 2nd half. He actually started the game 0-4 from the field but finished making 12 of his final 15, for 32 points. DeShawn Stevenson (3 points) might think he's overrated, but I actually think he is underrated. It was a fun game to be at and a nice way to open this year's postseason. Z also had a big day with 22 points and 11 boards. And I thought Delonte West played very nicely, finishing with 16 points and 5 assists. He didn't have a great shooting night, but was all over both ends of the court. Let's hope for more of the same from the wine & gold in Game 2 on Monday night.

*I did take some pictures with my phone, but of course I left my cord at work. Oh well.

The Tribe did play this afternoon too, but it was pretty much a snoozer. The highlights from what I saw:

  • some kid pitcher named Blackburn shut us down for 7-2/3 scoreless innings
  • we grounded into 4 inning-ending double plays
  • David Dellucci lost two pop flies in the roof of the Metrodome
  • we were shutout for the first time this year
Hopefully we can take the rubber match tomorrow to finish up a solid sports weekend. Of course, Paul Byrd is pitching so that may be asking for a lot...

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