Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Late Tuesday Tribe Wrap

Sorry I'm late on my Tuesday Tribe thoughts - I had my four wisdom teeth removed this morning. Let me tell ya, that was a barrel of monkeys. As I sit here typing I have some sort of elastic contraption with two ice packs wrapped around my head. You could also say it's to dull my early season Tribe headache. Last night's 9th inning was more of the same, with Jensen Lewis giving up a game-winning HR to a pinch-hitting Jason Varitek. The loss puts us now at 5-9, searching for answers 14 games into the year. Will I regret become a Tribe season ticketholder this year? Naaah, I'm a glutton for punishment ;) Speaking of punishment, CC Sabathia is pitching again tonight! Wisdom teeth and CC all in the same day!

More 9th inning fireworks from the wrong team at the Jake has me in a foul mood
*and yes, it is now the Jake again, to try to conjure up some of the old magic

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