Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday: 0 for 2

Another stellar day here for C-town sports. Maybe starting this blog wasn't such a hot idea. Today we had two more losses. One another fourth quarter meltdown involving my rapidly disappearing Cavaliers. And the other prominently featuring our soon-to-be-overpaid former Cy Young pitcher. Thankfully the Tribe game wasn't on television due to some wacky agreement between MLB and Fox for Saturday day games. And I was smart enough to head to the gym at halftime of the Cavs game when they had a comfortable 8 point lead. I've seen enough of that this year to know it wouldn't hold up. That's two home losses in a row for a team that is clinging to that #4 seed and home court in the first round. That's supposed to be an advantage, right? What baffles me the most is that we outrebounded a Dwight Howard-led team 48-33, yet still lost the game by 15 points. How is that even possible??? At least we don't have to watch them play again until Wednesday night. Until then I'll be hoping the Tribe starts playing better. Good thing Fausto is pitching tomorrow :)

*edit* I see that Cliff Lee is pitching, not Fausto... chalk up another L, and a winless weekend.

Does this look like a team excited about the postseason???

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