Friday, April 18, 2008

That's More Like It

Maybe Eric Wedge's little pep talk did spark something. Maybe this team isn't ready to roll over quite yet. Or maybe Detroit isn't that good. We'll know more as the season unfolds, but for now last night was finally one to enjoy for Tribe fans. Fausto Carmona pitched well again, even with 30 pitches in the first inning. Most importantly, he stuck up for his teammates by plunking Ramon Santiago and Gary Sheffield after John Verlander hit Ryan Garko and Jason Michaels.

Other signs of encouragement - Garko and Travis Hafner both hit home runs, Jamey Carroll did more than we've seen from Asdrubal Cabrera in weeks, and the bullpen (Lewis, Kobayashi, and Betancourt) looked pretty good, even if they were spotted a 10-run lead.

We'll see if they can keep it up when playing indoor baseball in the BaggyDome in Minneapolis this weekend. But for one night, all seemed well at the Jake (I know, I know, but look at the poll results). If anything, last night's win kept us out of the basement of the AL Central. That has to give us a little morale boost, right?

Updated AL Central Standings:

Kansas City97.5630.5
Minnesota 79.4382.5
Cleveland6 10.3753.5

Fausto pitched well again, and stuck up for his guys

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