Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cavalier Off-Day Updates

Not much new to report on the Cavalier front as we wait for Game 3 tomorrow night. I did just read some good news about the broadcast - the game will be shown in HD on FSN Ohio so we can listen to our favorite homers Austin and Fred instead of the TNT crew.

As for the Wizards, they just keep talking. Now apparently Brenda is upset with Mike Brown:

"You know, any time LeBron gets touched, Mike runs out there like LeBron got shot or something. Calm down Mike. It's not that serious. We're not trying to take him out. It's all within the confines of the game,'' Haywood told reporters in Washington. ''I don't see how coaches should be running out on the court like that anyway. Isn't there a coach's box? Since we're talking about the confines of the league rules, he shouldn't be out of the box.''
I guess when you're down 2-0 you can find lots of things to complain about. And no Wizards update would be complete without catching up on the idiotic ramblings of a deranged lunatic (also known as Tom Knott's daily Wizards report for the Washington Times). I wonder if he actually believes the stuff he's writing, or is he looking to start a career as a fiction writer?

Tune out TNT and listen to your favorite homers on FSN

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