Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wasted Opportunity

I tried to wait as long as I could before jotting down my thoughts after last night's loss. I didn't want to react too quickly so I thought about if for a while. And the funny thing is, I think I'm even more pissed now than I was watching it unfold last night at the Q. All I know is that with 1:47 left in the 4th quarter and the Cavs up 87-82, I turned to my buddy and said, "It's over." Maybe that was the kiss of death the Cavaliers needed. And yes, I am superstitious about that kind of stuff, as dumb as that probably sounds. I have no explanation for that loss last night.

I wish I could tell you why the Cavaliers came out with absolutely no energy in the first half. Or how we were miraculously down only two points at halftime. I wish I could tell you why the Wizards were able to get about 8,000 offensive rebounds in the second half. Or why the Cavs made the mystifying decision to launch multiple three-pointers with the lead in the final 1:30. I just don't have any answers. I also don't know how that ball didn't go down on LeBron's final drive. Or how a foul wasn't called there. I didn't even see the replay, this is just my view from far above in Section 222. But it should have never come down to that play anyway. We had so many chances to put that team away.

Now my enduring vision of Game 5 is a delirious DeShawn Stevenson skipping toward the visitors' tunnel and gleefully launching his jersey into the stands amid the boos cascading down on him. And he was loving every second of it. Please, just shoot me now. The whole scene was sickening.

At least the Tribe won last night behind Cliff Lee's solid pitching and some life from their bats. Although Lee's 27-inning scoreless streak did finally come to an end, he is now 5-0 with a 0.95 ERA. I'd be happier about it if I didn't have visions of DeShawn Stevenson still dancing in my head. Ugh.

Apparently, he likes 14-year-old girls and playoff road wins

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