Friday, May 2, 2008

3 Times is a Charm

Who's laughing now? LeBron took the high road during his postgame interview session, but you can bet this one tasted good as the Cavs closed out the Wizards' season for a third straight year, winning 105-88 in Game 6 in front of the D.C. faithful. After all the booing and the "overrated" nonsense, you know LeBron enjoyed this one. He was incredible tonight, posting his third career playoff triple double with 27 points, 13 rebounds, and 13 assists.

Keys to the game from my view:

  • Wally Szczerbiak came out hot and didn't stop firing. He finished with 26 points, going 6-13(!) from behind the arc.
  • Boobie Gibson was also hot tonight, chipping in 22 points of his own.
  • LeBron was an animal on both ends of the court tonight. He willed his team to this win with his leadership by example.
  • Overall the team was much more focused and prepared for this one, compared to Game 5. Hopefully this great performance can carry over into Round 2. I think Mike Brown deserves some credit for the team really being ready to play tonight.
On a personal note, this night worked out perfectly for me. My wife and I decided to skip going to the Tribe game and stay home to watch Game 6. Luckily for us, the game was rained out so we didn't miss a thing. We got to see the Cavs lay a beatdown on Washington and we still get to go to the make-up game later this summer. And to cap things off, the Atlanta Hawks stunned the Boston Celtics in their Game 6 to force a Game 7 on Sunday. Now, instead of the Cavs having to fly to Boston for a game on Sunday, they can rest up until Tuesday when their next series starts. Maybe the sports gods really don't hate Cleveland sports... ehhh, what am I saying? It's been 44 years of pain and agony. But with LeBron, there's always a chance to end the pain... stay tuned.

Have a nice summer jackass...

...this man officially owns you.


Bitter Clevelander said...

Excellent blog, my man. As a fellow long-suffering Clevelander, I have to admit that things are pretty rosy right now. Heck, even Cleveland State had a good season! Let's end the drought, and soon.

Bitter Clevelander said...

Have taken the liberty of adding a link to your blog on my own blog. Let me know if this is unacceptable, and I'll remove it post-haste.

Go Tribe! Go Brownies! Go Cavs! Go Buckeyes!

Carla R. Jenkins said...

I agree with you regarding the Boston-Atlanta series. Initially, I thought that everyone (Boston, Detriot, and Orlando) got better; yet, after seeing this series, Cleveland can truly win the next series because the Cavs win on the road. Furthermore, even with the trade, the Cavs have played together for a longer period of time. We still have LeBron, Daniel, Sasha, Anderson and Damon. KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce have only played together for one year so they are not as instinctive. Finally, we are still the Eastern Conference champions until someone beats us!