Friday, May 9, 2008

Down in a hole... losing control

That's one of my favorite AiC songs from my college days, and an appropriate way to describe our Cavaliers today. I purposely waited to post my thoughts from Game 2 for a variety of reasons. Honestly, I'm tired of having to wait to spill my thoughts after these head-scratching losses. I have no answer for how the Cavaliers can race to a 21-9 first quarter lead, and then let it all slip away so quickly. I know the Celtics play very good defense. I know the crowd was likely a factor in the first two games. But I don't see how our shooters can perform so poorly. And I have no explanation for our terrible execution on offense or the incredible amount of unforced turnovers. It feels like a broken record at times with this team on the road this year. But I don't think it has looked worse than it did yesterday in the second quarter for the Cavs.

I've been trying to tell myself all morning that we were down 0-2 the last two years to the Pistons and rallied to win the next three both times, even closing out the Pistons in Game 6 last year a fourth win in a row. I know it's possible with LeBron - really anything is possible when he's on your team. But the Celtics play such good defense, I don't see them letting LeBron go off like he did with his "Video Game James" performance in Game 5 of the ECF last year. I hope I'm wrong and he can silence the critics yet again. I will be at the Q tomorrow night hoping like the rest of Cleveland that our team has an answer at home yet again...

These easy looks have been few and far between for LBJ in Round 2

Also, as expected yesterday, the Tribe lost in their final game ever (barring this postseason) in Yankee Stadium 6-3. Paul Byrd gave up three home runs and the offense just never really got going (shocker, I know). That runs the Tribe's losing streak in weekday getaway games to about 75 (OK, maybe a slight exaggeration). If you're wondering, the next scheduled one of those games is Wednesday, May 28 vs. the White Sox. I'm already chalking up an "L" for that game unless Cliff Lee is pitching that day.

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