Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bats missing again in the Second City

After taking Monday off to grieve for the Cavaliers and hopefully regroup for an Indian Summer, I was excited to watch the Tribe last night in Chicago. Then late in the work day yesterday, my buddy Nicko reminded me that we have only two guys in our entire lineup hitting over .241. Yikes.

So it was more of the same for the anemic offense last night. CC pitched 7 solid innings, giving up two runs on two solo homers (or course one by Jim Thome, who has done that about 200 times to us since joining the White Sox). But the bats could only muster one run against Jose Contreras and the Tribe fell to its fourth straight loss. (Ryan Garko did manage to get a hit last night to raise his average to .243, so we now have a whopping 3 guys hitting over .241. Yipee!) And this is on the heels of them reaching their high-water mark of the season at 3 games over .500. Baseball is a funny game, but honestly, I'm really not laughing right now. Something has to change soon. The team's batting average is now down to an eye-popping .234!

More of the same from the Tribe on Tuesday - bad hitting and ex-Indians beating them

Browns Update: I wish I had good news to report to Berea, but over the weekend I saw that Ryan Tucker broke his hip. Reports are that he will be back in about three months, but still not real good news. At least Phil Savage is smart enough to stockpile bodies on the o-line, so we'll see what Rex Hadnot can do for us. Bad things always happen in threes I'm told. So with the Cavs losing to Boston, the Tribe in a tailspin, and Tucker's hip, let's hope things start looking up soon.

Cavaliers Update: I want to take a break from this team but I can't, mainly due to my addiction to the RealCavsFans forums. Here's an interesting read on Dan Gilbert's thoughts of the state of the team.


sportsgirl132 said...

Took a look at that RealCavsfan forum and first THING I see is some roach with a bunch of Boston Red Sox crap on his profile. Man, what machine breeds those Orc -like creatures anyway?

Same PR line from Cavs management as last year. Truth is I don't want to look too forward to down the line if all Ferry will manage to unearth is the likes of a Larry Hughes.

Indians took anothe rone in the shorts again tonight. UGH.

chiefwahoo56 said...

There are a few bad seeds on RealCavsFans, but it's pretty good for the most part. Definitely the best Cavalier forum on the planet by a mile. The creator of the site also started

I'm at my wits end with the Tribe. I don't know how much longer I can watch this. Incidentally, it's my first year as a season ticketholder too. Maybe it's my fault?