Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday thoughts

A few thoughts this Thursday that I wanted to throw out randomly...

  • It's chilly in Cleveland today after being almost uncomfortably muggy yesterday. It looks like fall is really here and soon winter will be too. Ugh.
  • I still can't believe how the Browns completely dismantled the Giants on Monday night. Reflecting on it after a couple days, I honestly think it was the best Browns game I've ever been to in person (keeping in mind that the only real competition for that crown was the win over Atlanta in the season finale in 2002 and I didn't regularly start attending games until the reincarnation of the franchise in 1999).
This pretty much sums up Eli's night on Monday
  • These have been some lean years for us Browns fans, with makes the first Monday night win since 1993(!) against the Super Bowl champs that much sweeter. I rather enjoyed the game replay last night on NFL Network HD and of course DVR'd it for future viewing pleasure.
  • I have my doubts whether the Browns can have an encore performance this Sunday on the road after a short week of preparation for the Redskins. But it seems like the Browns are at their best when little is expected of them. So I will keep my expectations low for the foreseeable future in hopes that it will magically propel them to victories.
  • I hope the 'Flash Package' and other Chud gadgets are used more on offense in the coming weeks. The Giants looked totally confused every time Cribbs lined up at quarterback, and the double reverse play to Harrison was a thing of beauty. And the NFL Films replays really showed how the Giants over-pursued the play from the start.
  • I want Kellen Winslow to completely recover from whatever undisclosed illness is bothering him. First, I don't want him needlessly rushed back if he's not healthy yet (and you know it's just killing him to not be on the field). And second, the offense really clicked with Heiden and Dinkins. No need to mess with that unless K2 is 100% - or as close as he can be after all the leg injuries he has sustained.
  • The Browns just might be onto something with their young secondary. Brodney Pool, Brandon McDonald, and Eric Wright all had key interceptions on Monday night (none bigger than Wright's beautiful 94-yard TD return to seal it). All off-season there were calls to shore up the secondary with a veteran cornerback, but Phil Savage resisted the urge to overpay an aging veteran and stick with the youngsters. So far they have played pretty well this season. And that's not even mentioning Sean Jones who is still recovering from a knee scop, but expected to play this Sunday.
  • Only 12 days left until the Cavs begin their season. Yes, I'm sick of the countdown too. I just want the season to start now. They have another meaningless preseason game tonight against the Spurs at the Q. I'd like to go, but I know I'd be regretting it by the third quarter when the NBDLers are running around out there.
  • Delonte West finally returned to camp yesterday. Maybe it is a good thing that we still have a few more preseason games to play. I want him ready to go to start the year. And it's nice to hear that Ben and Sasha also returned to full practice. Now let's just keep these guys healthy.
“He’s a big part of our team. It’s good to have him back. It’s good to see him high-spirited and concentrating on the game of basketball.” -
LeBron James on Delonte West's return