Monday, October 20, 2008

More embarrassment, courtesy of the orange and brown

Stop me if you've heard this one before... the Browns came out flat, DA looked terrible, the receivers (well, Braylon) dropped many catchable balls, the defense couldn't stop the run, the coaching staff looked overmatched, timeouts were squandered, and the clock was mismanaged down the stretch. We often complain about consistency with this franchise, but one thing has been consistent since 1999. Losing.

14-for-37, but undoubtedly DA still has a firm grasp on the starting job... where's Brady?

Their latest loss is another head-scratcher, mainly because the Redskins are possibly the worst 5-2 team I've ever seen. I'll give credit to their physical defense - they hit the Browns hard all game - but other than that, Washington is very beatable. They were practically begging the Browns to at least tie the game up as the clock wound down yesterday. And instead of taking advantage, the Browns offense sputtered again, just like it had all day. They ended up settling for a 54-yard field goal attempt by Phil Dawson that everyone watching the game not named Crennel knew had no chance.

But I was actually glad the game came down to that kick. We all know if they would have picked up that first down, panic would have ensued and the clock probably would have run out on them. Has this team ever heard of spiking the ball to preserve the clock? I can't remember them doing it once so far this entire season. The sense of urgency in every aspect of this team seems to be non-existent, aside from the beatdown of the Giants last week.

So where does the team go from here? At 2-4 they head to Jacksonville next week to face a team that is certainly better than the Redskins. And now they have a PR nightmare on their hands (again). More on that in a second. This team supposedly plays its best when their backs are against the wall. Next Sunday would certainly qualify. But the real question I have - as a Cleveland fan, how much longer should I really care? How much more time should I invest in a lost cause? And how much longer till the Cavs hit the court?
"A big reason I'm upset right now has to do with [the staph infection]. I heard from Romeo Crennel and I heard from my position coach [Alfredo Roberts] when I was in the Clinic. I heard from my teammates. But I never heard from the main man -- Phil Savage -- and that really disappoints me. Sometimes I don't even feel a part of this team." - Kellen Winslow

Other Browns Notes: More on the whole K2 situation - this is what happens when an organization is so secretive about its injuries. The Browns never really let the public know anything about possible injuries. So everyone assumes the worst. Rumors fester and inevitably a guy like Winslow gets embarrassed by everything that is now out there. I'm sure he was frustrated after yesterday's loss and let off some steam by talking to the media. But the Browns need to change the culture in that locker room. Phil Savage talked about getting rid of the 'woe is me' attitude upon his arrival. It was gone briefly during last season's success, but it is back again in a big way. And frankly, we're all sick of it... Braylon Edwards says his frustration yesterday led to his poor showing. Shouldn't a Pro Bowl receiver be better than that?... Terry Pluto weighs in on yet another loss in a pointless season... Tony Grossi's noon chat should be an entertaining one today.

Cavs Update: Thankfully the Cavs' offseason is finally coming to an end. We are almost there - only 8 more days. They were able to grab their first win of the preseason on Saturday night with a 100-93 victory over the Sixers. They will face the Sixers again tomorrow night, with only two tune-ups remaining after that.

After publicly admitting his emotional issues that kept him away from the team for 12 days, Delonte West had a very nice game on Saturday... Ben Wallace says he's happy just being a role player now. Umm, hasn't he always been pretty much a role player?... Mike Brown says the starting 2-guard spot is still up for grabs... And Mo Williams was actually ejected from a preseason game on Saturday night, LOL.