Monday, October 6, 2008

He really likes us!

Not that you'd hear or see anything about this on the major national news outlets, but I thought it was worth posting here in case you missed it over the weekend... LeBron James actually likes us! On a Saturday stop at the Register for Change Rally in downtown Cleveland, the King offered some brief words to the crowd on hand. Of particular interest to Cavalier fans should be what he says starting around the 1:30 mark:

"Thank you Cleveland. You know I love you all. I love Ohio. And I ain't going nowhere - I'll be here." - LeBron James

Of course the doubters will say it's still two years away (although decision time begins in June 2010, just 20 months from now). It's not a sexy story outside of northeast Ohio to report that LBJ would actually want to stay here. But I live here and it's important for me to hear how the King is thinking. Nothing is iron-clad right now, but it's nice to know where his head is. And my head is about to explode in excitement with the Cavs' season starting in just 21 days. I can't wait for basketball to start again...

Other Cavs Notes: The Cavs held their annual Wine & Gold scrimmage in Akron on Saturday. No one got hurt and it sounds like they had some fun... Rookie JJ Hickson showed some flashes on defense... And Mo Williams just showed some flash all-around... And finally, I thought this was another nice story about LeBron. I don't think everyone fully realizes how lucky we are to have this guy in Cleveland, not just as an athlete, but a person too.