Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I hate bye weeks

For the Browns' sake, obviously the bye week is coming at a good time. But for Cleveland sports fans' sake it is not. The result is a slow Cleveland sports news cycle, especially with the Tribe done for the season and the Cavaliers' regular season tip-off still 27 days away. Damn it... why couldn't the Indians have turned it on just a little sooner? Watching the end of that White Sox/Twins one-game playoff last night was brutal. I don't think either of those teams is as good as the Tribe is right now. But as I've been saying my entire life, there's always next year. Or as my inner-Cavs fan is saying - there's always this year.

New Cavalier PG Mo Williams
"One team I always envisioned myself with was here. I'm fortunate in that it was a dream come true. I felt that with the way I played and the way LeBron plays, he's a great complement to what I do and I'm a complement to what he does." - Mo Williams

Cavs Update: Brian Windhorst talks of Mike Brown's new kinder, gentler training camp... The Cavs are eager to unleash their new point guard... Micheal Dickerson (remember him way back from the University of Arizona?) took a long road to Cavaliers training camp... And FSN Ohio has some great Cavalier programming the entire month of October to fill the void before the season starts.

Tribe Update: Some housecleaning was done on the coaching staff. All I ever saw Isaac do was hold a clipboard in the bullpen, but you'd think he was a god with some of the raging comments on He seemed like a nice enough guy, but he's a bullpen coach people. Take a deep breath and relax... Eric Wedge gave some thoughts on the 2009 Indians, and as usual doesn't really go into a lot of detail. But I'll say it again, I think he did a great job with this team this year and I don't understand why people are constantly calling for his head... Terry Pluto goes back over his predictions for the 2008 Indians. I like that he's man enough to do that. I'll never re-hash anything I predict, unless it somehow actually comes true.