Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm ready for some football

It's been 15 days since a regular season game was played among any of our sports teams. There has been nothing since September 28th. So yes Hank Williams Jr., I'm ready for some football. Actually, I'm more ready for some tailgating, followed by likely disappointment inside the Stadium. I don't think that's being a pessimist, just a realist. Curb your expectations of the Browns and there's little room left for disappointment. So that's the angle I'm playing here.

At least we won't be sporting the brown pants tonight...

The Giants are a solid football team. Solid enough to go 10-6 last year, then win three straight road games in the playoffs on their way to one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history. The Browns on the other hand... who knows what to ever expect? I just don't see any way they can compete with this team. But of course I've been wrong before. I'd like to see the Browns show some pride and ride on the crowd's energy in prime time under the lights. Maybe that can happen for a while, but eventually I think the Giants will pull away. I'll go with Giants 34 Browns 13. Prove me wrong Brownies, please. Make us proud to be Clevelanders.

Other Browns Notes: K2 was finally released from the hospital yesterday and is listed as doubtful for tonight's game. Hope everything is OK with him and I don't think any Browns fan is looking forward to facing the Giants without him on the field... Terry Pluto says DA needs to show something soon, like starting tonight... Will the Dolphins' creative offense inspire the Browns? All I know is that Josh Cribbs needs the ball in his hands more for the Browns to have much of a chance... James Walker says the Browns are approaching a breaking point... And DA's problems may be explained here. But I still say he still needs to play much better than he has.

Cavs Update: 15 days and counting. The season can't start soon enough. Hopefully Wally Szczerbiak really is returning to form. I'm not sure if he will win the starting role this season, but he will play an important role for this team before the trade deadline... More about Daniel Gibson's decision to stick with the Cavs. How can you not love this guy?... Coach Brown likes the progress of the offense, but the focus still remains on the defensive end... And a nice piece from Bob Finnan on the fight for the final roster spot.
"Yeah, maybe I'd have gotten a big offer, but I had an idea of what I was going to get going in," Gibson said. "Cleveland is where I wanted to be so, I didn't consider going anywhere else."