Friday, October 10, 2008

Preseason rematch

It's no secret that the Cavaliers put the biggest scare into the Celtics on their way to their 17th NBA crown last May. I know the Hawks took them to seven games in the first round, but did anyone see Game 7? I think the Hawks lost by 100. The Cavaliers had a real shot to steal their Game 7 in Boston and probably would have done so if not for some annoying shots from 75-year-old PJ Brown, all the loose balls going the Celtics way, and a couple missed open looks from the Cavs. So yes, the Cavs' 97-92 loss still rubs me the wrong way today and I'm hoping they use it as motivation for this season.

The Cavs and Celtics meet again tonight - and for real in just 18 days

The Cavs will renew their rivalry tonight with the Celtics, albeit in a fairly meaningless preseason game. But when these teams get together, there's always some extra intensity, likely fueled by Paul Pierce's idiocy a few years back. I've made no secret here about my hatred for all things Boston. And I see them as the one roadblock to another Finals appearance for the Cavs this year. The Celtics are a year older, now without James Posey, and perhaps a little less motivated than a year ago. We've already overcome the Pistons in the playoffs and I think their mystique has worn off over the last couple years. And I don't think Orlando or Philadelphia are ready to step up and be a serious threat to us in the postseason. The opportunity is there right now for the Cavs. If they stay healthy this could truly be a season to remember...

Other Cavs Notes: Sasha Pavlovic sprained his ankle on Wednesday and did not make the trip to Providence for tonight's game. The door is now open for Wally Szczerbiak to step up and grab the starting role again. I would prefer to see it go to Delonte West, but someone has to play backup PG and I think he and Mo will ultimately be in the back court in crunch time anyway... Bob Finnan talks about the Cavs/Celtics rivalry... And from the notes in today's ABJ, Delonte West may or may not suit up tonight, depending on when he meets back up with the team. And LBJ even knows how to be political when talking about politics:
"Good luck to Brady Quinn. Hopefully he continues to work at it and maybe he can be the starting quarterback for the Browns.''
- LeBron James

Browns Update:
Probably the last thing the Browns need at this point - Kellen Winslow, Jr. (aka, one of the few players on the Browns with any heart) is now listed as questionable for Monday night's game vs. the Giants. As usual, the Browns are being very tight-lipped about his "unspecified illness," and that makes me more than a bit nervous. If the Browns have to take the field without their emotional leader on MNF, I truly think there is no way they can possibly win... And if that wasn't enough, now their fearless leader is trying to block political distractions in the locker room. Sometimes this team just makes me stop and shake my head.