Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Updates from an Off Day

With the Tribe enjoying a day off on Monday there's not much to talk about. CC Sabathia did win the AL Player of the Week award for going 2-0 with a fine 1.59 ERA last week. And Grady Sizemore used the day off to go pose for GQ Magazine. Don't ask, just read today's Tribe notes in the PD for details...

I prefer you gracing the pages of SI Grady...

Tonight the Tribe is back in action in Colorado for a World Series rematch... err, a meaningless interleague series in the middle of June. Jamey Carroll will receive his NL Championship ring while the rest of the team will probably be wondering why they couldn't seal the deal in Game 5 vs. the Red Sox to get to face the Rockies in October. Paul Byrd gets the start in this one against someone named Greg Reynolds. I would expect this one to be high-scoring in the Rocky Mountain air. I'll be hoping that Byrd can keep things under control to help his trade value. We need to keep him as attractive as possible before the end of July.

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sportsgirl132 said...

Sizemore doesn't do it for me like he does for some chicks. People find this hard to believe but for as long as I have watched the Indians, Browns, and Cavs I've never ogled the players. No thanks.

Tell you what though, that Jamey Carroll kinda creeps me out. He's got those eyes that are too far set apart like Ivan Rodriguez. That's a face that screams "sex offender".

If you ever do go the Sporting News route, let me know. I'll hook you up with some great Cleveland folks.