Monday, June 23, 2008

A Little Life Left?

Maybe we shouldn't give up on these Indians yet. Bud Shaw certainly thinks it's too early for that. The Tribe didn't get the sweep against the Dodgers yesterday, primarily thanks to Paul Byrd's horrific first inning of work (gotta love hearing Vin Scully's voice in that clip!). But they did gut out two nice extra-inning wins on Friday and Saturday. And I think we've finally found our power-hitting DH to stick in the middle of the order. Now that was a bomb.

Byrd didn't have it in the 1st, but lasted 7 innings in the LA heat

That now makes three out of four series wins for the Indians, but still just a 10-11 record in June. Yes, the sweep in Colorado was awful, but they are still somehow only 6.5 out of first. More concerning to me is the fact that they are now 1.5 games behind the Tigers, who seem to have finally found themselves. The Tribe will enjoy an 0ff-day today and then welcome old friend Omar Vizquel back to Cleveland.

Cavs Update: LeBron hosted his annual bikeathon in Akron over the weekend and raised $150,000 for local charities. And this week, we'll turn our attention towards Thursday night's draft. Here's an overview to get us started. More details to come throughout the week. All I know right now is please, no Kosta Koufos.

I'm pretty sure 330 is not an area code in New York...

Gladiators Update: The Gladiators are in the playoffs after a 47-35 win over Columbus on Saturday night. They will host a wild-card playoff game at the Q next Monday vs. the Orlando Predators. I will likely make my Arena Football fan debut for this one!


sportsgirl132 said...

I think CC's .300 batting average just makes him even more attractive to NL teams. I hear the Cubs are big time interested.

Haven;t been all that interested in sports today until this evening. The death George Carlin had me too depressed --and add that to the overall year for the Tribe--and well, I'd have needed a bridge to jump off of.

Looking forward to your Gladiator report.


chiefwahoo56 said...

Don't jump off a bridge sportsgirl... then I'd never have fun comments on my blog.

You should resurrect your own blog. I'd like to hear the opinions from the great Northwest.

sportsgirl132 said...

I've done the blogger circuit before. I can't reclaim the passion for it. Besides, nothing I would h write regarding my favorite teams hasn't already been written better by you!

Central WA is like watching a beauty pageant--the scenery is nice but there's something vacant and almost tragic under the pretty packaging.

Really--I am such a nerd. I'm not sure there is an audience for discussion on Liszt's Paganini transcriptions for piano. (Yep--I am THAT boring.)

I'll just hang out on the lazy end of this discourse and chime in after you've done all the hard work :)