Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Draft Day is Almost Here

We're two days away from the 2008 NBA Draft and with the Tribe off last night, I want to focus my attention on improving the Cavaliers. I'm excited since this is our first first-round pick since 2006 and the Shannon Brown Experiment. Actually, the first round hasn't been very kind to the Cavaliers over the years - take a look for yourself. The last decade, aside from Andre Miller and the King himself have been notably painful. But then again, Jim Paxson was prominently involved in most of that, so hopefully we are onto greener pastures with Mr. Ferry heading things up.

This draft is of particular importance to the long-term and short-term future of this franchise. Ideally you'd like someone that can step in and help right away since the team is so close and LBJ will be deciding on his own future in two short seasons. For that reason alone I do NOT want to take on another project. So my short list includes the following players I think can immediately help this team get to the next level. Keep in mind, I am no expert and these are solely my own opinions. And I do realize that in order to get some of these players we would obviously have to work our way up via trade:

  • Russell Westbrook, PG, UCLA - He would finally give us a 'true' PG and wouldn't be overwhelmed stepping in and starting for this team right away.
  • Brandon Rush, SG, Kansas - I got to see him play in person in the NCAA tourney in Detroit in March and I love his game. He would be a great scoring threat next to LBJ.
  • D.J. Augustin, PG, Texas - Again, a 'true' PG and he's used to the limelight coming from a school with big expectations in a great conference.
  • Chris Douglas-Roberts, SG, Memphis - A great scorer and big-bodied SG that would also give us another scoring threat from the perimeter.
I'm sure there are others who would help but I think these four are safe bets. I would be happy to walk away with any of them. And yes, I'm staying away from soft Euros and white guys. Sorry but those are the rules I play by. I've also heard some talk of the Cavs getting back into the 2nd round for another pick. Hopefully that is the case because they've uncovered some gems there in the past (Carlos Loozer and Daniel Gibson immediately come to mind).

For fun, here is ESPN's latest mock draft. I always enjoy going back to these after the fact to see how wrong all the 'experts' are. And here's a quick draft blurb from today's PD, with a quote from Ferry. I didn't expect him to really tell us anything.

Will we find LeBron's Pippen on Thursday night?

Tribe Update: More talk about CC's future and a look at past deadline deals from the PD today. And it looks like Jensen Lewis and Asdrubal Cabrera (.408 BA) are finding themselves in Buffalo. This is good news to me for two reasons: 1) our bullpen is awful and 2) I honestly don't know how much longer I can watch Jhonny Peralta play shortstop.

Browns Update: Not really an update, just me wasting some time at work reviewing some great highlights from 2007. If this, this, and especially this don't get you excited for 2008, well, you suck.


sportsgirl132 said...

Cavs do need scoring help to take the pressure off James. That's a given. I've seen many people say the Cavs will get Kosta Koufos--that he'll drop and they'll grab him. Are you gonna be disappointed if they go size over finesse?
Still, you gotta love the relationship LBJ has with Gibson --I assume he'll be a good mentor for whomever they choose. And damn--whoever they get will say they get to play next to James. Not bad at all for being drafted at 19.

Edwards had a great season last year when he kept his mouth shut and kept his ego in check ( On and off the field). Didn't he get a penalty on that linked video though? LOL

Let me ask you...do you think Anderson will repeat his success of last year? I have doubts. I'm not trying to take anything away from him but put him under a little pressure and the guy WILL make mistakes. Let's hope that OL holds up and that I am WRONG ( it's known to happen occasionally).

chiefwahoo56 said...

Don't hold UM against Braylon... he is a stud and will be one of the best receivers in the game for years. About DA - I'm not sure what I think about him. Obviously, I love his big arm and his quick release. But he has shown some poor decision-making in the past. If he can stop doing that then he will be able to put up even bigger numbers this season. And the line is probably the best at pass protection in the NFL. But I'm also a big Brady guy and I'd love to see him get a chance at some point soon. But the only way for that to happen is an injury to DA. And of course I am NOT rooting for that.

On the Cavs - I'm not a Koufos fan at all. I think he falls under the "project" category and I want no part of that. I don't mind going for a big, I just don't know how many sure bets there are in this draft. But like I said, I'm no expert on college players.

sportsgirl132 said...

I admit that it doesn't help Edwards' cause that he was Wolverine. I am biased. Brown and orange only covers so much ugliness LOL

I do see his potential though and that is exactly why I hope he doesn't become another Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens--and that means reigning in the flash and keeping the stupid stuff to a minimum. Winslow has matured --I want the same for Edwards. I guess I just want a Marvin Harrison on the field. Solid, quiet, respected.

I'm just a grind it out in the mud kinda football fan. I'll take good , tough defense over a flashy offense anytime--so that makes me even more sensitive to all the hijinx.

I think there's a reason there wasn't more interest in DA when he was testing free agent interest. The price was too high for an average QB. I'd like to see more of Quinn too--because he sure looked good during that one drive they let him play. Glad they didn't trade him off. I still think he has a future in Cleveland.