Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cliff to the Rescue (Again)

Cliff Lee continues to be one of the few good stories in an otherwise disappointing season for the Tribe. He continued his dominance again last night in Detroit, going 5 innings and giving up two runs before being pulled after a rain delay. He is now 10-1 with a sparkling 2.52 ERA and is making a strong case to be the AL All-Star starter. The Indian offense also jumped on Dontrelle Willis (probably the best example of the '08 Tigers foolish overspending) early with 8 runs in the first two innings. The game was also highlighted in the 8th inning by Franklin Gutierrez's (remember him?) leaping catch to rob a home run. The Tribe will again look for consecutive wins for the first time since the end of World War I tonight. They finally return home to the friendly confines of the Prog to face the Twins after going 5-6 on the looooong road trip.

The 'Streak Stopper' was at it again last night in Detroit

Roster Update: Asdrubal Cabrera and his .184 average were finally mercifully sent down to Buffalo yesterday in favor of Josh Barfield, himself only batting .255 in AAA. We'll see how this goes but I'm glad Barfield is getting another shot. Hopefully Cabrera can get himself straightened out down there with less pressure on him. I still have visions of him being our everyday shortstop and moving Jhonny "No Range" Peralta over to third someday...

Cavs Update: Old friend Ira Newble is happy to be in LA, even if the Lakers find themselves down 2-0 in the Finals. And Pat McManamon rightfully thinks the Cavs should be given credit for pushing Boston to the limit. Finally, Brian Windhorst thinks the shakeup in the Central division may make things tougher for the Cavs to make a trade.

Browns Update: Kellen Winslow stuck to his agent's word and arrived in Berea yesterday for the start of Browns minicamp, which begins today. Hopefully the first in a series of good things for our '08 Brownies.

***UPDATE*** LeCharles Bentley was cleared to resume playing and is on the field this morning!!! GREAT NEWS and let's hope he can stay healthy and somehow contribute this year...

K2 is pumped for the season to start

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sportsgirl132 said...

I've grown to respect Winslow --which would make it doubly unfortunate if this contract thing becomes a huge issue.
I see his side about wanting to be paid but I also see the Browns' point - looking at K2 as someone with a knee held together with rubberbands.

I love the Browns. When I moved to the west coast I made my husband promise in blood that we'd get NFL ticket until I die ( or I kill him). Some years--it was hardly worth the first installment payment --but now there is hope. I'm just not too high on their defense. It's about balance.

Great job by Lee yesterday. He's showing poise--especially against the Detroit lineup that--according to many --would propel them into the World Series (LOL--LOL---LOL).

Thank heaven for a few bigger losers than the Tribe.
Now if the Cubs win a series soon, I'll be inconsolable .