Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Byrd Bombed in Denver

This is not the way to enhance your trade value: 4.0 IP, 9 H, 5ER, 2HR. Paul Byrd was shelled again last night to drop his record to 3-7 and raise his ERA to 5.21. He also added to his league-leading home runs allowed total of 19(!) in just 77 innings of work (OK, so one was an inside-the-park job last night, but still). I was hoping some team desperate for pitching would give us something for him at the trade deadline, but now I'm starting to think it's not very realistic. Our bullpen didn't help the cause either last night with Scott Elarton and Rick Bauer combining to give up 5 more runs before it was over. The 10-2 win by the Rockies leaves the Tribe a very disappointing 13-20 on the road now and tied with Detroit for 3rd place, 6.5 games behind the White Sox. Ugh.

Byrd's neck is sore from watching all his pitches fly out of the park

Tribe assistant GM Chris Antonetti spent part of his day yesterday downplaying rumors of an impending CC Sabathia trade. Which makes me think it's even more likely than I already thought. And things aren't getting any better with the wounded Indians. I smell a fire sale soon.

Cavs Update: Well the Celtics finished things off last night (and no, I did not watch). I guess it's good for the Cavaliers to see how close they came to being in that same spot. But the thought of another Boston title still makes me want to slit my wrists. On a happier note, LeBron James is helping some Clevelanders lose their spare tires, starting today at the Q. And Pat McManamon thinks that trading Anderson Varejao is a good idea.

Browns Update: Joe Jurevicius is just a good guy. I wish more athletes these days could be like him.

Gladiators Update: And finally, something from my favorite team to root for in the summer when the Tribe is down and there's nothing else to hold my sports attention... if the Gladiators win on Saturday they are in the playoffs. Call me fair-weather, but they are still a Cleveland team and arena football is kinda fun to watch.


sportsgirl132 said...
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sportsgirl132 said...


This is the kind of day I stay away from any of the national sports sites. I simply can't stomach the Boston fans getting all self-congratulatory on themselves.

One of my favorite all time movies is "Unforgiven" and Eastwood has the most appropo lines ever when discussing life: "Deserves got nothing to do with it". I don't care how long of dry spell Boston had there for a while. A lot of them are jerks and don't deserve anything. I hate to go all "regional" here but New Englanders are like that on a piano website I go to ,too. They think their little Mason and Hamlin pianos are better than anyone elses' and they stick their noses up so high.I have never seeen any one group with more of an inferiority complex ( SEC fans are a close second).

I try to remind myself this whenever I get down about Cleveland teams--you only stay on top for so long and it fades incredibly fast. The higher you are, the harder you fall.

chiefwahoo56 said...

Great line from 'Unforgiven' - one of my faves as well! Most Boston fans that I've encountered just feel a sense of entitlement that is so obnoxious that it makes me want to vomit. That's what makes their teams' recent success so much less palatable for me. Something has to go wrong for them soon... I'm begging for it.

But you are correct, the shelf life for staying on top is not long. Hopefully their time in the sun is over. Just give me a glimmer of that sunshine... just one title and I can die a happy man.