Thursday, June 19, 2008

LBJ Speaks, but Tribe Silenced (Again)

The first order of business today: LeBron James gave a fairly lengthy interview and touched on a variety of topics yesterday with the PD. He also appeared later on ESPN850. This is my favorite part:

"I'm dedicated to bringing a championship to this city," James told Mark "Munch" Bishop during an appearance later Wednesday on ESPN 850 WKNR to promote the upcoming King for Kids Bike-A-Thon. "I'm bringing a parade to this city. I love this city. I love Northeast Ohio. ... Right now I can't see myself going anywhere else."
And I'm dedicated to watching the Cavs win a championship so it works out well for me LeBron. I already can't wait for November. I'll be adding some tidbits here shortly in anticipation of the 2008 NBA Draft that takes place a week from today. This is obviously a very important time for the Cavaliers and I'm excited to see what happens over the next week and beyond.

Forget New York, LBJ was deepening his Northeast Ohio roots yesterday at the Q

Tribe Update: Since it is my sworn duty to speak on all Cleveland sports happenings, I must also talk about the disaster that is the 2008 Cleveland Indians. They dropped their second in a row to the lowly Rockies last night, 4-2 in Denver. The loss drops them into sole possession of 4th place in the AL Central, now above only the Royals. The Tigers have finally overtaken us, themselves a complete disaster in 2008. Once again, the bats fell silent and really didn't give Aaron Laffey much of a chance. And Rafael Betancourt continued his bewildering slide, giving up an important insurance run to Colorado in the bottom of the 7th, just after the Tribe had cut it to 3-2. The Indians will look to Jeremy Sowers to avoid the sweep tonight.

The Tribe continues the trend of making bad teams look good in '08

At least Jhonny Peralta and I have something in common - we both share disappointment in his hitting this year. And who knows when Fausto Carmona will be healthy enough to pitch again?

Browns Update: The Browns rookies took their annual tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame yesterday. Maybe someday one of them will be enshrined there. For now, I'll just take a home playoff game. I'm working on curbing my enthusiasm with baby steps. That way I won't be so disappointed all the time.


sportsgirl132 said...

Looks like the Tigers have finally put together a string of wins--the way I kept expecting the Indians to do for the first two months of the season. I still think their pitching isn't good enough to win them anything--but you never know.

I did read that James interview. I hope his words actually mean something and aren't just lip service.

To be honest though , I'm down on the NBA--not just because the stinking Lakers and Celtics matchup but because I have serious doubts on the league's credibility. It's a cumulative thing...too many years of going "what the hell?!"

I had meant to say something about the Gladiators. Isn't that Kosar's baby? I don't know much about them though . I've been out here on the west coast for 7 years and have missed most of the new Cleveland stuff. Thank god for the internet and the online editions of the ANJ and Plain Dealer ( and now your blog, of course!)

chiefwahoo56 said...

Don't get too down on the NBA sportsgirl. We've got LeBron and that means we have a great shot at a title every year. I honestly feel the Cavs are a lot closer than most 'experts' think.

I agree, I don't think the Tigers pitching will hold up. It just irks me because this division was so winnable this year and we fell on our faces.

And yes, the Gladiators are Kosar's baby. He goes on WKNR (850 AM) here in town at least once a week to drum up interest in the team. They are actually much better than people expected this year. They were pretty crappy last year when they played in Las Vegas.