Monday, December 1, 2008

Sinking to new lows

We've known the Browns' season has basically been over for weeks now. But they may have hit a new low, even for their own crappy standards yesterday. Their defense somehow managed to hold the powerful Colts to just 10 points, yet the Browns still found a way to lose the game 10-6. And in the process they also lost beleaguered QB Derek Anderson probably for the remainder of the season to a knee injury. Let the Ken Dorsey era begin in Cleveland!

DA's knee injury will pave the way for a possible 4-12 finish

We might as well go out and sign Tim Couch and Ty Detmer at this point because we have come full circle, all the way back to the expansion mess of 1999. I now have visions of Doug Pederson running the Browns offense in 2000, followed by the Dennis Northcutt experiment under center in that game against the Eagles. Maybe we can do the same with Josh Cribbs when the Bengals visit the Stadium on December 21st. At least that would give us some reason to actually tune into that mess of a game.

This was the first Browns home game that I personally did not attend this season, so I can't verify the magnitude of this - but it was troubling to me to hear that the fans in attendance actually cheered Derek Anderson's knee injury. Even if you're not a fan of this guy, that is just wrong. It seems that our own ineptitude and resulting inferiority complex has driven us against our own players again. But again, I wasn't there so I don't know how much this has been blown out of proportion by the papers. Either way, it's just another mess involving the Browns. And as I touched on last week, the fans' apathy is growing, as evidenced by the 20,000 or so empty orange seats.

I hope Randy Lerner hears/sees that message loud and clear. This is a team that was 7-1 at home last year and gave us reason for hope and optimism. They are now 1-6 at home, with the real prospect of going 1-7 with Ken Dorsey taking snaps against Cincinnati in the home finale. The only year they did worse at home was their 0-8 season of 1999 when they could at least lean on the crutch of being an expansion team. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2008 Cleveland Browns! Pathetic.

Cavs Update: On to brighter news, as always seems to be the case when transitioning away from Browns talk... the Cavs are now 14-3. They extended their current winning streak to five with impressive wins over the Warriors (highlights) and Bucks (highlights) over the holiday weekend. This has to feel good for newcomer Mo Williams, whose longest winning streak last year in Milwaukee was two. He already has streaks of eight and five wins under his belts with the Cavs.

Mo has to be happy he's out of Milwaukee and now winning with the Cavs

And just looking at the schedule and the Cavaliers' next seven opponents (all .500 or worse) this streak could balloon even more. So do yourself a favor my fellow Cleveland fans. Go out and support this team. Start with LeBron bobblehead night Wednesday vs. the Knicks. Go have fun and watch a dominant team whose last 8 wins have come by at least 11 points. This is going to be a special season and you really shouldn't miss out on it.