Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cruising along

The Cavaliers continued their dominant ways again last night with a 118-82 pasting (highlights) of the New York Knicks. The win is the sixth straight for the Cavs, their 14th in their last 15 (first time the franchise has ever done that), and 10th straight at the Q (first time they have ever opened a season 10-0 at home). It was another laugher, with all the Cavaliers starters able to comfortably rest on the bench for much of the second half. And the reserves got lots of playing time with everyone able to get into the scorebook.

Not that smashing this pathetic Knicks team twice in 8 days is some great achievement, but it is deeply satisfying. Even if their roster is currently depleted due to injuries, the way the team is being run is really an insult to the league. Openly tanking two seasons before July 2010, playing absolutely no defense, routinely jacking up 30+ threes a game, having a player that refuses to enter games then gets suspended (Stephon Marbury), having another player that is too fat to actually be allowed to enter a game (Jerome James), etc., etc. I'll just say it once - I can't imagine why on earth LeBron would want to be a part of that mess when he becomes a free agent. The team and franchise are truly a joke.

10-0 at home, 14 out of 15, 15-3 overall... and just scratching the surface

So the Cavs now sit at 15-3. And even though I shouldn't even be looking at this or considering it valid, I can't help myself. ESPN's John Hollinger has a complicated formula to determine the NBA's best team and playoff odds. The Cavs firmly sit at #1 in the current daily rankings, ahead of the Lakers and Celtics. They also now have a 46% chance of winning it all this year according to the current playoff odds. After reading that I'm sitting here waiting for the sky to fall or for me just to have a massive heart attack. The sports gods won't actually let Cleveland enjoy this will they? Stay tuned... the Cavaliers will be back on the court Friday night to take on the surprisingly dangerous Pacers who have already taken down the Celtics and Lakers this season. But I don't think focus will be a problem for these Cavaliers, especially in the friendly confines of the Q.

Bobblehead Update: Last night also marked my sixth annual pilgrimmage to the Q to collect the LeBron bobblehead. I have to say this year's version is possibly the best yet, definitely bearing the most resemblence to the actual King than any of them so far. It will look nice behind the yet-to-be-constructed bar in my yet-to-be-finished basement (hopefully work will commence this summer). I think it will fit with the others nicely: