Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy LeBron Day!

Well, it's December 30th and as sports fans it's time for us to celebrate a mega-star's birthday. No not Tiger Woods silly, it's our own LeBron James. Today is the King's 24th birthday and he will celebrate it down in sunny Miami, hopefully with a win against the Heat and not too much daydreaming about the post-game festivities.

Enjoy your 24th in Miami LBJ

This should be another good test for the Cavs since it is a national TV game on the road against a solid opponent. LeBron likes this kind of spotlight so I'm sure he'll be ready to play. The Cavs have hit a little bit of adversity in their last four wins, so they are getting more accustomed to perfoming under a little more pressure late in tight games. As fans we of course prefer them blowing their opponents out of the water, but they need to play some close ones too. I expect this to be another tight, defensive game.

And since today is LeBron's birthday it got me thinking to about a blog I've neglected to visit for a while. They've had some entertaining LeBron Day entries in the past (2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007) so I'm looking forward to this year's entry.