Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The unofficial "must-win" game

So the Cavs head into tonight's pivotal Game 4 against the Magic down 2-1. Forget the woeful shooting in Game 3 that came on the heels of the Shot That Saved Cleveland. The Cavs have a chance to redeem themselves with a win tonight in Orlando. They get this one and they regain control of their own destiny. Will it be easy? Of course not. This Magic team is talented and chock full of matchup problems for the Cavs. But we already knew that.

This is the ultimate test for the wine and gold. We knew there would be adversity in the postseason and now is the time to rise above it. It seems as if a lot of Clevelanders are ready to write off a team that won 66 games this year, including 27 on the road. This is also a team that only lost consecutive games twice this entire season. Are you ready to give up on them? I'm not. I know it's in our nature to wait for the other shoe to drop in this town. But past failures have nothing to do with this current group of Cavaliers. We've come too far to have it end like this. WE WILL WIN GAME 4, somehow, some way. Go Cavs. This is your chance to become great.