Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tribe update (quick, avert your eyes!)

Sitting here waiting for the Celtics to finish off the Magic, we're forced to uncover our eyes and stare into the carnage that is your 2009 Cleveland Indians. I'll admit, I was overly optimistic about this team. I thought the bullpen would actually be a strength. I thought they'd win around 90 games and take the very winnable Central Division. Of course I also thought they'd be able to string together a couple of wins - something that has happened exactly once through the first 34 games of the season. When you stop and think about that for a second you realize how truly pathetic that face really is - and you understand why the team is sitting at 12-22 on May 13th.

I'd boo Thome if I cared enough to still go to games

It was more of the same last night as they lost 9-4 to the White Sox to again avoid a winning streak. Old friend Jim Thome hit a couple home runs off Jeremy Sowers, who really shouldn't be in any team's starting rotation at the big-league level. The bullpen also allowed a couple of late runs in the 7th to make sure there was no chance of a comeback win. It seems like a similar script every night with these Indians. And now the finger-pointing has begun. Eric Wedge is in the line of fire and many in the organization are at his defense.

I honestly don't know how/when/if this mess can be fixed. But I was talking to my buddy Nicko yesterday and we agree that there are bigger problems in baseball than just the Tribe's shitty play. MLB should really just shut things down for a year and fix all of its problems. I'm tired of the payroll disparity, and losing budding stars before they hit their primes. The steroid crap doesn't bother me all that much, I'm just tired of watching the rich get richer. I'm tired of seeing the best players sign with New York/Boston/LA. I'm tired of fans of those teams and their sense of entitlement to everything. And I'm tired of watching the Tribe lose. Come back soon Cavs, I'm already missing you.