Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally we can get back on the court

As fans we're dying to see our Cavaliers play again. I'm sure the players feel the same way. When the Eastern Conference Finals finally get underway tomorrow night, it will have been nine days since the Cavs last played. That surely brings up some concerns about rust. But I know the atmosphere inside the Q will be electric and it should help lift the Cavs if they are sluggish to start the game - I'm sure a lot of people won't remember, but the Cavs were down 11-4 in Game 1 against the Hawks before finding their footing after a similar long layoff. And they did manage to run away with that game, which basically set the tone for that series.

I have to say I'm still a bit shocked that the Magic prevailed Sunday night over Boston. Not because Boston is some great obstacle anymore. I mean look at them - they were forced to rely on guys like Brian Scalabrine and Stephon Marbury for long stretches that series. I'm just surprised that Orlando was able to put things together for such an easy win. They looked downright awful at times in both their series against Philadelphia and Boston. But their Game 7 win has seemed to propel a lot of "experts" in the national media to predict the Magic will now win this series against us. As if somehow beating a shorthanded Boston team in seven games now gives Orlando the power to erase our complete dominance in the regular season and postseason thus far. Whatever. I'm just ready to get down to business. I'll have more of a preview tomorrow as I'm sitting at work counting down the hours until I can head over to the Q to witness it all firsthand. Go Cavs.