Thursday, November 6, 2008

Three wins, three blowouts

The Cavaliers' third victory of the season was another relatively easy one in their 107-93 rout (highlights here) of the Chicago Bulls. That makes three blowouts in their three victories, with an average margin of +16.7. That's not to erase their two road losses in Boston and New Orleans, but those are arguably two of the best teams in the league, and the Cavs were in both of those games in the fourth quarter.

Especially impressive in last night's game was the way LeBron scored his 41 points. It just seemed so effortless (13-of-23 from the floor in 35 minutes) and once again he was nailing his free throws (15-of-16 from the line). Delonte West (a three-ball call courtesy of Mr. Tait) and Mo Williams also looked great manning the backcourt and Big Ben continued he rejuvenating play with 14 rebounds, 2 steals and a blocked shot. But most important for the Cavaliers, they were again able to keep LeBron's minutes down. And it wasn't complete chaos and panic on the floor when he had to sit for a few minutes when he tweaked his ankle. That's what excites me most about this team - they are deep enough to allow LeBron some rest and can look good without him for long stretches.

Big Ben has played well early in the year averaging 9.8 rpg

So far everything is going according to the script at home - they are finally taking care of teams handily inside the friendly confines of the Q. As I said in earlier posts, that will be a key to a big win total and playoff seeding come April. Now they need to make sure they can translate this style of play onto the road and we could be looking at a dominant NBA team this season...

Other Cavs Notes: Could Antonio McDyess be another big man option for the Cavs? Interesting to think about if he becomes a free agent... LeBron is happy with the results of the election... Old friend Drew Gooden was happy to be back in town... And the Cavs seem to be doing business the right way.

Browns Update: I will be leaving work shortly to partake in the tailgating festivities down in the Pit before the Browns take on the Broncos. Again, no more expectations from this team, but it will be fun to see the debut of Brady Quinn as the next starting quarterback of our Cleveland Browns. It's a perfect beautiful fall day and I'm glad this one will be showcased for the country to see (unless #10 completely embarrasses us and we lose again). But today hopes are high for the start of the Quinn Era. Brady thinks this game will be fun... His old coach will be watching closely tonight... Tony Grossi's latest podcast previews the Browns vs. Broncos.

My bold prediction tonight? The rollercoaster continues - Browns 23, Broncos 21.

"Yeah, it's been a little while. I'll have to dust off the ol' cleats and shoulder pads and everything. Obviously I'm excited now and I will be once game time comes. I think the biggest thing for me is remaining calm.'' - Brady Quinn