Monday, November 3, 2008

Pathetic collapse

There's no other way to describe the Browns' meltdown on Sunday in their 37-27 loss to the Ravens. At home with a 14-point lead in the third quarter. Not to mention a chance to put some heat on the Steelers in the AFC North race. But of course these Browns couldn't stand success and found a way to let a rookie running back and rookie quarterback carve up their defense. 24 unanswered points from the Ravens to end it? That is an embarrassing disgrace that should cause heads to roll in Berea.

The thing that angers me the most after this loss is that Derek Anderson will take the immediate brunt of the fans' displeasure. That's not to say that he isn't culpable in this loss, but 'Bad DA' really didn't show up until almost the fourth quarter. And by that point the defense had done its job to let the Ravens back into the game. Bad DA still managed to throw a perfect strike to Braylon Edwards in stride on 3rd-and-7 that should have gone for a game-winning touchdown. Of course Edwards dropped that one to add to his league-leading 13 on the year. Bad DA hit Kellen Winslow for a 22-yard gain on the next drive with the score still tied at 27 but Winslow was called for a puzzling pass interference penalty. That immediately led to another three-and-out by the Browns. And Bad DA later found Edwards open on the sideline on the next drive with the Browns only trailing by a field goal. Edwards again dropped it.

Sunday showcased 'Braylon being Braylon' yet again

The point is that Anderson cannot be held responsible for this loss. It should be pinned on the Browns coaching staff, their porous defense (aside from Shaun Rogers who again was a beast) and Edwards. I won't even mention how Dainty Stallworth was again a late scratch from the starting line-up with a pulled quad muscle. Wait, I just did mention it. This guy is literally stealing money from the Browns. Or maybe he's just embarrassed to put on that uniform every Sunday. I know I'm embarrassed to be a fan of a team that consistently plays like this in must-win games.

So what next for the orange and brown? Obviously I think we should start Brady Quinn at quarterback on Thursday. This is not to fault Anderson, it's just time to see what Quinn can give this franchise. It's now definitely a lost season and Quinn deserves a crack at the starting job going into next year. Will the Browns make such a bold move? I have my doubts. They will likely wait another week so that Quinn has a full 11 days to prepare for the Monday night game in Buffalo. I'm sure the Browns will win on Thursday just to sucker some fans back in. Not me. Not only are my expectations gone, but the hopes are too.

Other Browns Notes: At least you can count on Josh Cribbs to leave it all on the field every game. I'm kicking myself I didn't get a Cribbs jersey to replace my Winslow one this year... Terry Pluto has some scribbles on the meltdown... Bud Shaw also argues for the Quinn experiment to begin... And coach Crennel's 'I don't know' explanation surely won't go over very well with the fans.
“We couldn’t muster enough energy to make the plays we needed to make. I can’t put my finger on it. … I don’t know what the answer is.” - Romeo Crennel

Cavs Update: The Cavs look to get back on the winning track tonight at 8:30 in Dallas. Mo Williams isn't happy with his slow start... I like reading Bob Finnan's three points section... The Pistons are in the middle of a move that reeks of desperation. I'm sure Rasheed Wallace and Iverson will make that a winning locker room up in Detroit. One step closer to the Central division title for the Cavaliers?... And are the Nets' big plans for LeBron unraveling? I normally wouldn't even include that here, but Brian Windhorst is the man.