Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mo to face former mates

The Cavaliers return to the hardwood at the Q tonight to take on the Milwaukee Bucks at 7:00pm. The good news? They won't be facing the guy who seemed to single-handedly destroy them last year. In losing three of four to the Bucks last year, the Cavs watched Mo Williams run wild on them. He averaged 28.7 points on 58% shooting from the field in those three Milwaukee wins. Those performances likely had at least a little bit to do with Danny Ferry orchestrating the trade this summer that put Mo in a wine and gold uniform. So how does he feel about facing his former teammates tonight?

"It's just another game for us. We take it one game at a time. I don't have any bitter feelings against Milwaukee. All my memories there are great. The organization has been nothing but great to me. I have a lot of friends still there. I have a lot of respect for the organization. They gave me my contract. Never bite the hand that feeds you."
As you would expect, the same standard cliches we usually hear from athletes. I'm sure deep down Mo will be giving a little extra out there on the court tonight. And he should try to stick it to his former team and show them what they are missing. This is another Central division game at home that is important for the Cavs to take. Any extra motivation to win a game like this should be welcomed and encouraged. Time to extend the winning streak to five tonight...

We should all be happy that Mo is playing with LeBron tonight

In other Cavs news, it appears Antonio McDyess won't be coming to Cleveland. But not because the Cavaliers wouldn't love to have him, just that he seems set on returning to the Pistons. Both Bob Finnan and George Thomas report today that him joining any other team besides the Pistons is highly unlikely. And that's a shame because as I stated in an earlier entry, I really think the Iverson trade (and more importantly, losing Chauncey Billups) will ultimately be a bad thing for Detroit. If McDyess truly wants to win a ring this year I think either the Cavaliers or Boston (ugh, I hate to even think about that) are his best options. And in joining the Cavs he would have a chance to be with friend and former teammate in Detroit Ben Wallace, not to mention that the Cavs still have nearly their full mid-level exception to pay. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it pans out but I'd love to see him give the Cavs a shot and take on the Joe Smith role here. (And yes, it's easy for me to spend Dan Gilbert's money for him!)

And finally, LeBron James was named Eastern Conference player of the week again. This is already the 14th time in the King's career he has received that honor. And for some strange reason I have a feeling it won't be the last...