Friday, November 7, 2008

Losers find ways to lose

I don't know what I can say that hasn't been said hundreds of times about the Browns since 1999. They just are not a winning franchise and losing still hangs like a dark cloud over everything they seem to do. There is no more honeymoon period for this organization, at least not for me. It has been almost 10 years since they were reincarnated and we are still watching them invent new ways to lose on a consistent basis. Their debut on Thursday Night Football, a humiliating 34-30 loss to the Broncos, was just the latest example.

Was there anyone in the stands at Cleveland Browns Stadium, or watching at home all over northeast Ohio that didn't see this one coming? Our defense was shredded in the 2nd half, giving up another big lead at home and ruining a solid starting debut by quarterback Brady Quinn. I'm embarrassed by this team and fed up with their lack of discipline. Fan loyalty can quickly turn to apathy and when that happens you can lump the Browns in with teams like the Lions and Bengals. Not exactly the company we want to keep in this league.

How do we fix this mess? I think the easiest answer is for Browns owner Randy Lerner to tear two blank checks from his checkbook. Send one to Bill Cowher and the other to Brian Billick. Whomever returns the gesture first with a "yes" gets the job. At least these guys know how to win in this division. That's not to put all of the blame on Romeo, but winning starts at the top. It's quickly becoming evident that this team cannot win with a players' coach. They need someone who cares about winning as much as their fans do...

Do yourselves a favor Cleveland fans: turn 100% of your attention to the Cavaliers. They are a team that knows how to win right now. Start by going to the game tonight and watching them dismantle the Pacers. You'll even get a throwback Cavaliers Hardwood Classics winter hat for your trouble. It's the quickest way to rid your mind of the losers in orange and brown. Go Cavs.