Friday, April 17, 2009

One goal

The Cavaliers embark on what we all hope will be a long playoff run beginning tomorrow afternoon at the Q when they take on the Pistons at 3:00. Their new playoff motto is "one goal" and that's fitting when you consider anything less than an NBA title this time around will be considered a failure. So what should we expect from their opening round series against the Pistons? Honestly, I think it will end quickly. I can't see any way this series goes past five games.

That's not meant to be disrespect the Pistons. But they are what they are - a 39-43 team that struggled through this season. They took a gamble with the Billups-for-Iverson trade that many of us saw ending badly. How could it not when they traded away the heart of their team in Chauncey? Piston fans will claim that they are in great shape heading into this offseason with loads of cap room to re-tool and start another run. Whatever. This is the end of an era for this team. They still have guys like Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, and the a-hole known as Rasheed. They may still think they can turn it on when they want. But they can't. Not against these Cavs. My prediction is Cavs in 5. I think they may drop one up in Detroit, but if so, they will quickly close it out here in Cleveland.

I can't wait to get to the Q tomorrow. 16 wins to go. Let's go Cavs.

The Q got a playoff makeover on Thursday