Monday, April 20, 2009

1 down, 15 to go

The Cavaliers took care of playoff win #1 in dominant fashion on Saturday with a 102-84 triumph (highlights) over the Pistons at the Q. The impressive thing to me is that the Pistons played about as well as they could have and still lost by 18 points. The Cavs clamped down on defense, and had a very balanced attack on offense - aside from LeBron's ridiculous 38/8/7 line. Joe Smith was huge with 13 points off the bench. And Mo Williams had an off-day shooting (just 5-for-14) in his return to the playoffs. If I were a fan of the Pistons, I'd be more than concerned. But actually, all of their fans are already looking forward to the offseason anyway, and it will hopefully begin Sunday afternoon for them.

LBJ glides in for 2 of his 38 in Game 1

Rasheed Wallace has vowed that the Pistons will "knuckle down" for Game 2, whatever that means. We'll find out soon enough when things resume tomorrow night at the Q - god I hate these long layoffs between games. But at least the Cavs know how to take care of business at home, unlike the Celtics (lol), Magic (what a meltdown!), and Trailblazers. The next time I post here the Cavs will be up 2-0 and on their way to Detroit for a Pistons funeral. Go Cavs.