Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mission Accomplished

With their three rousing victories over the long holiday weekend - a 102-92 win (highlights) over the 76ers in Philly, an immensely enjoyable 107-76 smackdown (highlights) of the Celtics at the Q, and then yesterday's 117-109 triumph (highlights) in Indiana over the Pacers - the Cavs have finally reached their goal of securing home court advantage throughout the playoffs. This is the first time in franchise history they have achieved that feat and hopefully the start of a long playoff run that will end with this city's first championship in 45 years.

The bench erupts after Wally's epic 4th quarter rejection on Sunday

I took some time off of work to enjoy the long holiday weekend and was as equally impressed with the Cavs' dominant play as I was frustrated with the Tribe's pathetic 1-6 start to the season. I guess things have to balance out in the sports world (unless you live in Boston) and I'll take a horrible Tribe season if it means a championship for the Cavs. They certainly looked ready to wear the NBA crown in their utter dismantling of the Celtics on Easter Sunday. I know the Celtics didn't have much to play for in that one, but they could have shown a little heart and pride. The Cavs absolutely thrashed them from start to finish and had some fun doing it. Just an all-around enjoyable weekend of work from this team. They will get some well-deserved rest on Wednesday in a meaningless season finale at the Q against the 76ers. My only hope is that the Sixers also have nothing to play for and the Cavs bench bunch can squeeze out one more home win to equal the all-time NBA record of 40-1 at home. It's been a magical season, but now it's time for the second season to start. Bring on the Pistons. Go Cavs.