Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome back Joe!

The good news finally came last night with a confirmation from Joe Smith's agent that, "the Cavs are the best fit." Like we didn't already know that. But it's great to have Joe back in the fold and I'm really looking forward to seeing him at the Q tonight, even if he won't be suiting up just yet for the wine and gold. We should get official word sometime today of when we can expect to see Joe in uniform - hopefully by Friday night for the big showdown in Boston.

Joe Smith is pumped to be back with the wine & gold

But first things first, the Cavs need to take care of business at home again tonight versus the Bucks. It should be an easier task than their recent road trip, but I'm hoping we can do it in dominating fashion yet again and get the starters some rest in the 4th quarter before the trip to Beantown. Which reminds me, I heard during Monday night's game in Miami that LeBron has been able to sit on the bench for the entire 4th quarter in a staggering 10 games this season. That's an incredible stat and one that should have everyone else in the East just a little bit more afraid to face the us come playoff time... Go Cavs.