Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Humiliation at its finest

I'm at a complete loss for words to describe the level of disappointment the Cavs have supplied in their latest tank-job to the Celtics. Game 5 was beyond description. I thought walking out of the Q after Game 1 against the Magic last year was deflating. But last night had a shocking finality to it that I don't think I've ever felt in my years of rooting for any Cleveland team. Many of us just sat there stunned during the fourth quarter, trying to come to grips with what had happened in the arena where we have been so dominant.

There's not even a sadness like there was lingering after last year's ECF letdown. At least then the Cavs fought hard and just lost out to a team that executed at a higher level, victimized by some nightmare personnel matchups. But this year's team was supposed to be new and improved. Ready for anything the playoffs would throw at them. And that's what makes the mystery of what is going on now even more baffling. Where is the heart? The pride? The only evidence I saw of that last night was clad in ugly green uniforms.

There's absolutely no excuse for how flat the team was last night. It was the first loss I've witnessed in person for the Cavs in the 18 or so games I've personally attended this season. I can handle losses, but not in this fashion with this much at stake. I'd be more angry if I thought the team cared as much as I do, but judging by their words and collective demeanor afterward, they don't. Last night's humiliation should be the type of turning point that motivates a team to something greater. But does anyone out there get the sense that it will?

Game 6 will likely define LeBron James' Cavs career thus far - if there even is a career in Cleveland beyond this spring. All I know is that last night at the Q is not how this was supposed to play out. That cannot be the way it ends here for #23. Watching him and his teammates just go through the motions with a complete lack of energy and focus is not what I envisioned from this bunch. Finding a scapegoat at this point is fruitless. I'm sure there will be wholesale changes for this franchise if/when they ultimately go down in this series. But how will this team immediately respond to this level of adversity? If I were a betting man I'd say they will melt under the pressure in Boston. Prove me wrong MVP. Please.

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Anonymous said...

Listen to the Windhorst podcast from today...worth the 20 mins...The conspiracy theorist in me contends that LBJ has been told to tank a couple games and his way of doing it is to sulk...expect a ferocious James in game 6/7...Legends are needed in the NBA and this is the way they "manufacture" them...enjoy the next 96 minutes of basketball, my friend.

In other news, the Celtics are one point faves AT HOME after all of this...someone knows something...