Friday, January 29, 2010

State of the East

Wow... Celtics and Magic last night. A game that came down to the wire with the Magic getting an uncontested layup on their final possession as Rashard Lewis blew past a gimpy Kevin Garnett. Then things ended when Rasheed Wallace tossed up a three-point airball at the horn. Cavalier fans should be giddy about this one. The Celtics lost and the Magic looked terrible. Both teams appear to be a shell of their former selves.

We all know that the Magic made a huge mistake by letting Turkoglu and Lee go to employ the services of the one-and-only Vince Carter. Hell, I'd even argue that losing Rafer Alston in favor of Jason Williams and JJ Redick plays right into our hands. But I had no idea the Celtics looked so terrible. For a team that flaunts three All-Stars and a championship back in 2008, they look well past their prime to me. Is it a coincidence that they are just 6-9 in their last 15 games? I think not.

We've heard the excuses from the so-called experts saying things like, "they're still the best team in the East when healthy." So when are they going to be healthy? Is Kevin Garnett's knee going to magically revert back to the shape it was in two years ago? Is Rasheed Wallace gonna hit the weight room or the treadmill to lose that spare tire? Is Ray Allen suddenly going to start aging in reverse? Probably not. They face the Hawks and the Lakers in their next two. I can't wait to hear more excuses. Again, it's a good time to be a Cavalier fan.

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