Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday thoughts

  • Enjoyed my first Cavs game of the year, even if it was a little late (5 home games into the season already?). Boozer was his typical a-hole self (25 points, 12 rebounds) but left the Q a loser again, 0-6 in his career in Cleveland since signing a 6-year deal with Utah.
  • I'm pumped for this weekend... my wife and I bought some nice tickets for Friday night's game at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indy. It will be our first road Cavs game ever. Looking forward to it.
  • Sounds like Stephen Jackson is (or soon will be) a member of the Charlotte Bobcats. That one kinda came out of left field. I thought the Warriors would wait a bit longer, but obviously they wanted him out of there ASAP. Gotta say I'm a little disappointed, yet a little relieved at the same time. Jackson's talent is undoubtable, but I'm still not ready to give up on Delonte. I thought the recent talk of putting Wally Szczerbiak's corpse into the mix with a sign-and-trade deal could work, but Delonte would have likely been packaged in the deal. Still hoping we see Red back on the court for us again soon with a healthy mind, but I may be dreaming with that one.
  • I was glad to see Shaq get some rest on Saturday night with the made-up shoulder strain. The Cavs play their second four-games-in-five-nights stretch (Already? Thanks NBA schedule maker) this week and I expect to see him sit out a game or two in there as well. The big fella needs to be there for us this spring, so any time off will serve us well toward that ultimate goal.
  • The Browns play the Ravens on MNF tonight in what is sure to be a game unwatched by large portions of football fans around the country. The 1-7 Browns vs. the 4-4 Ravens! I had to laugh when seeing the promos for the game over the weekend. I predict something like Baltimore 34, Cleveland 6... but I hope for Quinn to give us something to get excited about. Ten years in and we're still just hoping not to get embarrassed on national TV. Ladies and gentlemen, your Cleveland Browns!