Friday, January 9, 2009

Big one tonight...

Believe what you want about what the Cavaliers have to say about tonight's game. They are trying to downplay things a bit publicly but you know there will be extra motivation to try to extend the home winning streak to 19 games. This is the latest edition in a budding rivalry between the Cavs and the Celtics. But make no mistake about it, both teams are looking for a victory tonight for opposing reasons.

Can LBJ duplicate 'The Dunk' again tonight?

For the Cavs, their goals are simple. Beat the defending champs at home to pay them back for the season opening loss in Boston. Establish the best record in the East by 1.5 games with a win. And keep making the Celtics second-guess themselves by sending them to their 7th loss in their last 9 games. And for good measure, knock Kevin Garnett around a few times. His act has grown very tiresome and I'm sure he will be in pure a-hole mode tonight with a rowdy crowd in the Q egging him on.

On the other hand, they Celtics have a lot to gain themselves by avoiding another loss. They have been in a bit of a tailspin lately, losing as many in their last 8 games as the Cavs have all season. A win for them tonight would go a long way towards quieting the doubts that have to be creeping up inside that team right now. But a loss would be another blow to the aura of invincibility (real or media-driven?) that has surrounded this team since the beginning of last season.

Honestly, this is as big a game that you can get at the not-even-halfway-point of this NBA season. We've been pointing to this one for a while now as a measuring stick for our beloved Cavaliers. 28-6 is great and we can't ask for a better start than what we've already been given... but 29-6 would sound a hell of a lot better and I can't wait to be inside the Q tonight to see how it all goes down. Special thanks to my buddy Nicko for offering me a loge ticket tonight. It will be a great view of the first of possibly six matchups in 2009 against Boston inside the Q...