Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Swamped in the Meadowlands

Things were not pretty for our Brownies in New York last night, falling 37-34 to the Giants. Of course most loyal Browns fans' immediate reaction after watching the first-team offense and defense was one of panic. It's understandable with a 30-3 deficit early in the 2nd quarter, taking into account all the many bad penalties, big plays given up on defense, and downright horrific-looking offensive plays. It was bad enough that I ended up switching back to the Olympics after seeing Derek Anderson, Josh Cribbs, and Brodney Pool all leave the game with injuries. The three of them will be vital to the Browns' success this year in my opinion.

"Unbelievable," Crennel said. "Evidently we didn't do enough work. I told the team it's my fault for trying to save them in practice by not hitting. We're not very good right now."

But I did feel better after receiving a text from my buddy Nicko. He brought up a good point - after the feel-good training camp and all the national praise, perhaps this is exactly what this team needs right now. A kick in the pants, a bruise to their egos, and a message that nothing will be given to them this season. They need to earn it. And remember, this is just the preseason - a dress rehearsal for the real thing and a place to work all the kinks out. I thought the MNF announcers were especially critical of the Browns when I was watching, with Tony Kornheiser at one point making fun of them for being the "chic" pick this year. I'm sure there was more than a hint of vanilla in the Browns offense last night considering they play the Giants in the regular season. I'll be far more concerned if this is what we see on the field when these two teams meet again on MNF on October 13th.

Seeing DA laying on the turf isn't a pretty sight, even for a BQ fan like me

Cribbs is set to get an MRI today on his injured left ankle, and I'm honestly praying that he is all right. I know Syndric Steptoe had a big game last night and looks like a capable replacement, but Josh Cribbs is a game-changer... Bud Shaw is panicking that the Browns aren't ready for prime time... and even with the bad showing some game balls were awarded (although not officially by the head coach). I'm hoping that Phil Dawson's big leg continues into the regular season. The Browns will have a short week of work, preparing for a game Saturday night in Detroit.

Tribe Updates: Franklin Gutierrez and David Dellucci (a personal favorite of mine this year) have been showing improvement at the plate. I appreciate Dellucci's hard work, but I still don't see how or why he would fit into this team's future plans... Terry Pluto gives his always-enjoyable scribbles on the Tribe... and Matt LaPorta was in the center of an Olympic beanball-fest against Team China yesterday. I'm really getting sick of these Chinese athletes (sorry if my USA-centric opinion is shining through but there is no way those Chinese gymnast are 16). Check out this video at the 2:45:30 mark if you want to see LaPorta getting beaned. And the 2:06:40 mark if you want to see what kind of started it. Just watch out for all the unedited swearing if you're watching at work.
"He told me, 'I'm OK, I'm OK,'" U.S. manager Davey Johnson said of LaPorta "I said, 'No, you're going to the hospital.'"

Not exactly the Olympic moment that LaPorta was hoping for

The Indians are back on the field tonight at the Prog to start a three-game battle with Kansas City to stay out of the Central cellar. Anthony Reyes will be on the hill for the good guys.